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Hello, my name is Anthony Di Biase and I am so excited you've made it to my website!

Here are some things about me...

 I was born in Portland, ME and have lived here my entire life. I have been taking photos since I was a young kid, I remember stealing my parents camera and going on walks just to take photos of flowers… The consistent compliments from family saying “you have an eye for photography” really fueled my interest to continue taking photos. I would say I fell in love with photography solely from shooting nature. I would spend most of my free time as a kid trying to find beautiful landscapes, and living in Southern Maine, I didn’t have to look too far. Along with photography I have been a musician for what feels like forever. I grew up with a father who basically kept a musical instrument in every room, so it felt very effortless to learn and become intrigued. During high school I started playing for bands which developed into a 10 year musical career… I traveled the country visiting almost every state playing original music with my best friends. During this time I made a lot of friends, saw the country, and learned a lot about myself. All while keeping my passion for photography intact, bringing my camera along for every moment.


I own a content creation company here in Portland, ME called Artisan Agenda. We take photos and videos for bars, restaurants, and other companies across Southern Maine. Our work has been published in the Forbes Magazine, Portland Press Herald, Imbibe, The Maine Magazine, and more. I spend my free time Fishing, Camping, Off Roading, and enjoying amazing company in my friends and family. Lover of good coffee, good beer, and good spirits…

 As a wedding photographer I pride myself in understanding the intricacies of lighting, the importance of capturing true raw emotion, and the small details that create stunning memories forever.